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Documents, Writing a Letter

 To write a letter, starting from Durell’s “Main Menu”…

Document Viewer, Link to Microsoft Word.jpg

Word should start and load a blank letter pre-populated with your current client’s name, address and salutation (N.B. all as specified by the template called “Letter” – see Templates, New). If it fails to load it will probably be because either (a) you don’t have a copy of Word on the computer, or (b) you haven’t told Durell the correct file-path to Word (i.e. its location – see Set-up, File Paths and Documents, Set-up Word). When Word has finished loading write the body of your letter below the salutation, then to…




Return to Durell

 Documents, Saving a letter.jpg

Durell’s Document Viewer Descriptions

When you return to Durell, after having clicked the “Open” button to confirm which document you are dealing with, you should edit the description. There is no need to include the client name, ref number or date, as Durell’s Document Viewer will already know these. However you should make the purpose of the letter as clear as possible (e.g. Letter regarding Norwich Union pension review).

Word’s File Names

WARNING! Before returning to Durell, while still in Word, do NOT change the file name allocated to the letter. This will be in the following format…

[Search name] + [Client ref number] + [Template’s name] + [Date]

e.g.  [BLOGGS F] + [4252] + [Letter] + [30102002]

Word will store your letters with file names in this format, on your hard drive in the folder specified for them (e.g. “F:\Imw-Data\Documents\A\AARON F 4248”, see Set-up, File Paths / Default document directory). Should you wish to, you can also use Microsoft’s Windows Explorer to view the document files in this folder. In this case you could locate all the ones for each client by setting the view to show “Details”, then clicking the word “Name” above the first column. All your document files will then be ordered by client, alphabetically.

Documents, Client folder.jpg