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Diary, Word Processor Links

To ensure that documents are linked to the correct client’s Document Viewer the Durell system will only allow one active link to Word at a time. So when you click the green “W” button on the Diary’s toolbar it will activate the link on your main Durell screen, rather than in the Diary. Moreover, you may do so without having first selected an appointment that relates to a client record, in which case you’ll get the “Link to Microsoft Word” pop-up instead of the full Document Viewer, as shown below…

So as a general rule, before clicking the green “W” toolbar button in the Diary, you are advised to select an appointment which contains a linked client (i.e. not just a typed name), in which case you’ll get access to that client’s full Document Viewer. If you get the “Link to Microsoft Word” pop-up instead, as shown above, you can still produce email and mail shots based on diary data, and jump to the “Link to Microsoft Excel” pop-up to create a spreadsheet by clicking the “Link to Excel” option, but you won’t be able to write a letter to a specific contact (i.e. because one has not been selected).

A Simple Letter

To start a single Word document (e.g. a letter) with standard data fields (e.g. the client’s name and address) relating to a specific appointment…

  • Highlight the appointment in question
  • Click the green “W” button
  • Use the “Template” dropdown to select the type of document (e.g. “Letter”)
  • Change the “Select records” dropdown to “Current record” (and the pop-up will change to one like that shown below)
  • Click the “OK” button
  • Mailshot to Chase-up Outstanding Appointments

    The following sequence will create a mailshot (N.B. by post or Email) where the selected template is sent to all the contacts with appointments on the chosen date…

    o for a postal mail shot click and thereby tick the “Tick for normal document” box

    o or for an email shot leave the tick-box clear and then follow the instructions in “Mailshot, By Email

    Passing Diary Data Fields to Word

    All the details (or data fields) of a diary appointment can be passed to a Word template for automatic inclusion in a letter or mailshot. To do this you must first add the fields you require to one of your Word data field sets. Probably you’ll only have the single data field set called “Standard”, which in most cases is all you’ll need. To add the diary fields…

  • Use the “Select table” dropdown to select “Diary details”
  • Highlight the field to be added (e.g. “Diary - Action”)
  • Click the black “Right-arrow” button to add it to the “Selected” list, then repeat for all other required fields
  • Click “Save”
  • Click “Close”
  • You can also add policy data fields using the “Policy 1” table (and “Policy 2”, but most likely “Policy 1” will suffice). Be warned that these tables only include basic information about the insurer, adviser and introducer (e.g. the insurer’s search name but not its address). For further details, such as the insurer’s address, you’ll also need to select the “Special Policy Info” table, as shown below…

    For further help on setting up data fields see “Documents, Data Sets”.