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Appendix 10 – Windows Server 2000 & 2003 Backup


Click “Start” then “Programs” in Windows Server 2000 and 2003 and you’ll find the “Backup” utility in the “Accessories / System Tools” folder. On the “Backup” tab select the folders to be backed-up then save this selection as “All data” (for example) via the “Job / Save as” menu option, as shown in the following two screens…

Use the “Tools / Options” menu option to configure your preferred settings. Set the choices for the first three tabs (i.e. General, Restore & Backup Type) as shown in the next three screens…

Still on the “Backup” tab, to set-up a scheduled backup…

  • Click the “Start Backup” button
  • On the “Backup Job Information” dialogue reset the “Backup description” and “Media label” to something like “All Data (tape media)”
  • Click the “Schedule” button
  • On the “Schedule Job Options” tab (shown below)….

  • Set the “Job name” to something like “All Data (schedule)”
  • Click the “Properties” button
  • On the “Schedule Job” tab (shown below)…

  • Set the “Schedule Task” to “Weekly” adjust the time and click the appropriate days
  • Click the “Advanced” button
  • On the advanced “Settings” screen (shown below)…

  • Reset the the time-out period from 72 hours to 8, or something sensible
  • Click “OK” and save
  • To check your schedule…

  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Double-click “Scheduled Tasks”
  • You should see a screen like that below, which hopefully will also include the scheduled maintenance of your Durell files, as illustrated (see “Backup, Compact and Copy”)

    Each day you should run the “Backup” utility, then…

  • Select the “Tools / Report” menu option, highlight the most recent entry and click “Print” to get a hard copy WHICH YOU SHOULD READ to see that the last back-up actually worked.
  • Then exit the “Backup” utility and replace the tape with the one for the next night.
  • Restart the “Backup” utility and check that the new tape is all “Free Media”, as follows
  • Cick the “Restore and Manage Media” tab
  • Double-click the 4mm DDS icon, which may take a minute or two to respond, but eventually you’ll either see a previous backup or confirmation that the tape is all free media
  • If there is a previous back-up on the tape then delete it by right-clicking, then selecting the option to “Mark this media as free”, as shown in the following two screens…
  • When the tape is ready for re-use it will appear like that shown below, after which you can exit the “Backup” utility (which will do the next backup automatically when scheduled)…