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Set-up, Webline

Webline is an on-line service (similar to The Exchange and Assureweb) that provides quotes (with the ability to take-up) for Income Protection, Accident Sickness & Unemployment Protection, Term insurance, Family Income Benefit, Mortgage Protection, Whole of Life assurance, etc, much of which is still unregulated and can be sold by General Insurance brokers as well as IFAs. To access this service just click the yellow “Quote” icon containing the Webline icon shown below...

If for any reason you do not want your staff to use Webline there is an Access Right in “Setup / Users” called “Webline setup”. Set this to “None” for each user who should NOT use Webline.

Otherwise, the first time you click the Webline icon you’ll see the following registration screen...

You cannot proceed until you accept the terms by clicking the box at the bottom left. The key considerations are... 

Having ticked the box, above, you’ll then receive the following confirmation, followed by an invoice (by post or email) for your initial £120+VAT. Once Durell has received this your account will be activated.

The first time you try to use Webline after it’s been activated you’ll be taken to the setup screen, below, where you’ll need to enter your number, name and password. During the following year you’ll be able to return to this screen via “Setup / Webline” to check on the number of quotes and take-ups your business has made.

Exclude Quotes That Cannot Be Taken-up Through Webline

If you tick this box you’ll receive quotes from ONLY those companies whose products can be taken-up through Webline (i.e. that will count towards your 36 take-ups per year). If you leave it clear you’ll receive far more quotes, but you’ll only be able to take-up about 30% of them through the Webline link.

To use Webline quotes, see Clients, Webline Quotes