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Clients, Webline Quotes

To setup your Webline quoting service see “Set-up, Webline”.

Once activated, when you click the yellow “Quotes” icon with the Webline logo (see Client screen, below) you’ll be taken to the following pop-up...


  • Select the type of business for which you want a quote
  • Click “OK”
  • Then on the Client Information pop-up, below, you can either enter the data manually, or use the “=” buttons to load data one-at-a-time from the client record and factfind, or click the “Load all from factfind” button. Please note that...

  • Gross Earnings is taken from the “From employment” field on the fact find screen for “Annual Income Details”
  • The Webline occupation description may not match the one on your client record (because Webline does not use the ABI table for Occupations)
  • Having entered the client information, then in the following pop-up, shown below...

  • Enter the required benefit, protection amount, etc
  • If you’re willing to take less commission, tick the “Sacrifice commission” box, then enter the amount you wish to receive
  • Click “Get Quote”

    For Income Protection quotes you’ll be shown a matrix of quotes with different deferment PERIODS, as shown below, where the quote references at the top refer to these periods.

    In contrast, for Protection quotes, illustrated below, you’ll be shown a matrix of quotes with different OPTIONS for Critical Illness Cover, etc, where the quote references at the top refer to these options.

    In the case of Accident, Sickness and Unemployment quotes (not illustrated) you’ll just get one quote per product type, and go immediately to the take-up screen.

    So if getting an Income Protection or Protection quote, click your preferred option or deferment period at the bottom of the screen, then click “Continue”.

    Alternatively you may click the “Save Quotes” button at this point, in which case you’ll receive the message, shown below...

    If you click “OK” to this message...

  • A document will be saved in the client’s Document Viewer as an Adobe pdf file, listing the quotes
  • You can recall these for the next 30 days via the “Load Saved Quote” option, shown below...
  • So then, if either you’ve re-loaded a saved quote (i.e. with an option or deferment period), or have just proceeded through the quote process, you’ll end-up on the take-up screen below, where you can click your preferred product, then click...

  • Accept & take-up (see below)
  • View Notes (containing definitions and comments about waiver of premium, etc)
  • View Documents (allows you to download the key features and associated documentation)
  • Declined (gives a list of all the insurers who declined to quote, along with their reasons)
  • Save Quotes (like the previous “Save quote” option, but now with a specific deferment period)
  • View XML (this is provided to allow Durell’s support team to analyses faults)
  • Close

    View Notes

    The View Notes button will flash red if they contain something important that you need to read.

    Accept & Take-up

    The Accept & Take-up button will be green if the currently highlighted product can be take-up through Webline (and count towards your 36 per year). If this button is grey you’ll have to take-up the product via a Proposal Form included with its documents, which in most cases will still allow an on-line take-up, but it won’t be through Webline and will not count as one of your 36 Webline take-ups per year.

    When you click the “Accept & take-up” button you’ll see the screen below, where you can download the associated documents before...

    1) Entering the policy in Durell, as shown below (n.b. you may need to set-up the product see “Set-up, Products”).

    2) Being forwarded to the insurer’s portal (for the final take-up through Wbline).