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Investments, Updating (Before Valuation)

Investments may periodically reduce in value subject to management charges or income being taken, or increase in value due to accumulation units or further premiums being added. It is impossible for the computer to calculate these changes (though versions of Durell with the Contract Enquiry service via “Internet portals” to investment companies may be able to copy them), so to get an accurate up-to-date valuation you must first contact each investment company to find the current unit holdings.

In the following process you only need to enter the current “Units”, though you may optionally enter the current “Unit price” and current “Date” to also revalue the fund. So starting from the scrolling list of policies…

Subsequent Valuation

If you intend to do a bulk valuation after updating the unit holdings (see “Investments, Revaluation”) then there is no need to change the current “Date” or “Sum” fields, as both of these will get updated automatically during the automated re-valuation process.