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Clients, Understanding Address Sets

All people and businesses (i.e. all entities with a postal address) in Durell are held in a single table called the “Address” table. These addresses are then grouped into “Address Sets”, such as for “Individual Clients”, “Business Clients”, “Insurers”, “Advisers”, etc.

There are a number of fundamental address sets, which cannot be deleted or amended, such as those for Individual Clients. Obviously the system cannot operate without a place to store client records, and equally the client fact find cannot link to address books for solicitors and accountants unless they exist. Hence you’ll find you cannot delete or change the names of the fundamental sets, but you can add as many additional sets as you like (e.g. add address sets for Computer Companies, Fred’s Clients, This Year’s Prospects, Golf Clubs, etc).

To create or use different address sets see “Clients, Using Address Sets”.