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Set-up, Suppliers

Suppliers are people or organisations from whom your business purchases goods or services. These might include the local borough council for rates, your electricity, gas, water and telephone companies, your landlord and your suppliers of office furniture, stationery, etc.

They are mainly used in the “Purchase Ledger” in the “Accounts” module of Durell, where you can enter all of your business costs. Two important supplier records that you might not immediately think of are…

In above cases you will periodically write cheques to these two “suppliers” so that you can get either more petty cash out of the bank, or continue to receive credit on your card. Also in both of the above cases you might consider a further level of detail, for example, “Credit Card, Iain’s Barclaycard” “Credit Card, Rob’s American Express”, etc.

Supplier records are set-up like all other address set records (see Clients, Entering & Saving Clients).