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Mortgages, Standard Letters & Emails

Standard Documents

Standard letters are created via templates (see “Templates, New”) into which you insert mortgage related data fields (see “Templates, Inserting A Durell Data Field” and “Templates, Increasing Durell Data Fields”). Some useful fields for mortgage work are given in “Mortgage Processing Data Fields”.


Provided you have a fax modem attached and some faxing software (included in most versions of Microsoft Windows) you can typically fax direct from Word via the “File / Print / Select printer” option, and then choosing a fax device instead of your printer. See your Windows help for further details.


One-off emails are produced via the “>” button next to the Email address field on Durell’s address set screens (see “Email, Create New Message”). Standard Email messages, either individually or in bulk by mailshot, can be generated in a similar fashion to written documentation, using Word as normal but...

  • On the “Link to MS Word” dialogue leave the “Tick for normal document” clear
  • in the ensuing Word document, click the “ABC” button (to hide the data field names), then
  • click the “Merge” button and select “Electronic Mail”
  • …all as described in “Mailshots, by Email”.

    Diary-related Documentation

    The diary is particularly useful, as documents generated from diary entries (see “Diaries, Policy Links”) can include data fields from…

    This is a very powerful and useful feature that is further described in “Diaries, Word Processor Links”.