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Spreadsheet, Example to List Premiums (General Broker)

How to List Gross Written General Insurance Premiums

Starting from your Durell Main Menu....

1)      Reset all policy mailshot markers to “N”

 Mailshot options 1.jpg

 2)      Set all policies for the five main product types to “Y”

 Mailshot options 2.jpg

 3)      Set all policies outside of the required date range to “N”

  Mailshot options 3.jpg

 4)      Create a “Data field set” to select data to appear in your spreadsheet

 Mailshot options 4.jpg 

  Mailshot options 5.jpg

  Mailshot options 6.jpg

5)      Create the spreadsheet ( from the “Link to Microsoft Excel” pop-up, shown below)

Mailshot options 7.jpg

6)      Check the resulting spreadsheet

 Mailshot options 8.jpg 

7)      Short Cuts