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Spreadsheet, Example to List Clients by Business Type

This example is different from the other two in this section because the data to be exported will come from client records even though they'll be selected via policy ones.

Starting from your Durell Main Menu....

NOTE that this is the key difference between this and the previous two examples, where you "Set flag in Policies". By instead selecting "Set flag in Client" you will be adjusting the "MS" or mailshot markers of the client records as a result of criteria in the policies.

1)      Reset all CLIENT mailshot markers to “N” (not the POLICY ones)

 2)      Select via the policies for the five main product types

Depending on what other main types of policy you wish to include...

Or you might select by some other criteria, like the Adviser, the Insurer, a Sub-type or a business Stage. For example, to do so by "On risk" date, as shown below...


3)      Check the selected clients

Exit from the Policies screen and go to your Individual Clients one, where you should click the white "Spectacles" button to change the view to the scrolling list of all clients with their "MS" or mailshot selection status on the right, as shown below. If you are dealing with commercial policies you might want to review Business Clients instead of Individual ones. 

 4)      Create a “Data field set” to select data to appear in your spreadsheet

 Mailshot options 4.jpg 



5)      Create the spreadsheet ( from the “Link to Microsoft Excel” pop-up, shown below)

This is the most reliable setting given that there are many address sets and you have set all of their records to "N" except for the mailshot selected clients.

6)      Check the resulting spreadsheet