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Complaints, Sort

The “Complaints” program starts with a scrolling view of all complaints. To make this more understandable…

  • Use the “Signpost” button option to “Hide complaints at completed stages”
  • Use the “Signpost” button option to “Show complainants for…” Life, General or Both types of business
  • Use the option to allocate colours to types of stages (e.g. all “active” stages are red – see “Set-up, Complaint stages”)
  • N.B. You can also use the “Signpost” button to “Show only overdue complaints”, which are all those currently past their “Complete stage by” dates
  • You can then sort the remaining complaints as follows…

  • Click on any column title (i.e. “Name”, “Date”, “Complaint handler”, “Stage” or “Details”) to sort them by that value
  • Click on the same column title a second time to re-sort by that value but in reverse order
  • Note the presence, and the direction, of the “V” symbol that appears on the column title currently being used (n.b. as shown above, next to “Stage”)
  • Use the “Signpost” button’s “View” option to edit which data columns to include in your display