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Setup Windows 2003 Server for Remote Access


On the Windows 2003 Server…

Click “Start”

Right-click “My Computer”

Click “Properties”

Click the “Remote” tab, as shown below

Click and thereby tick “Enable Remote Desktop on this computer”

Click “Start”

Click “Control Panel”

Click “Administrative Tools”

Click “Active Directory Users and Computers

Click “Builtin” (on the left side)

Double-Click “Remote Desktop Users”

Click the “Members” tab

Add all the remote users (as shown below)

Click “Start”

Click “Control Panel”

Click “Administrative Tools”

Click “Domain Security Policy”

Double-click “Local Policies”

Click “User Rights Assignment”

Double-click “Allow log on through Terminal Services”

Click “Define these policy settings”

Add the “Remote Desktop Users” group

N.B. The server may not allow access for the next 5 minutes or so, while it refreshes its security settings