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Appendix 17 - Setting-up an LSI Logic Array

  1. Select “Configure”
  2. Select “Easy Configuration”
  3. Press “Space” to select each drive in the array (they should then be displayed as ONLIN A00-00, etc)
  4. Press “F10” to configure
  5. Press “Space” to select “SPAN-1”, etc
  6. Press “F10” to set the RAID level (1 = mirror, 0 = span)
  7. Select “Accept”
  8. Press “Esc”
  9. Select “Save configuration”
  10. Press any key
  11. Press “Esc” to return to first menu
  12. Select “Initialize”
  13. Press “Space” to select the drive
  14. Press “F10” to initialize
  15. Press “Esc”