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 For a client to get setup with Commission Downloads they need to firstly get setup with us to use OpenText and then secondly get setup with the providers to put their commission statements in to our OpenText Mailbox.

 To get setup with us all they need to do is contact us and we will assign them a password which we will enter into their Setup section (once we have generated it in the Contract Enquiry Management Console).

To get setup with the providers they need to contact them individually and ask them to use Commission Download/e-Revenue through Durell’s OpenText Mailbox.  The provider may ask for some additional technical information and I have been assured by the programmers that the following text will do:

The Durell Mailbox on the OpenText IBP1 service is DURELL.

The Durell EDI Code, which is required in the actual data as the recipient code is; DURELL.

If your EDI system requires a number to be able to send the EDI Data to Durell, the assigned EDI Code is: "0000 +FSANo", i.e. "0000123456".

Both of these codes are equally valid to OpenText minus a few exceptions when trading with partners on other Value Added Services such as GXS.

The Address used to send data varies by location;

On the same service:

            The addressing for an FTS or IBP1 user is just the Mailbox name DURELL with a service of FTS.

On the OpenText traditional EDI service (GMS):

            The addressing for a GMS user is IBP1!FTS! DURELL.

As an X.400 user:

            The addressing for an X.400 user is c=GB, ad=ATTMAIL, O=ATTMAIL, dd.type=EDI, DD.value= IBP1!FTS! DURELL.

An "offnet" / Interconnect user:

            An Interconnect User must tell the Provider to send to EasyLink, specifically the EasyLink Gateway.

The Interconnect User must ask the Provider to set up a relationship and then route the message to the EasyLink Gateway for processing.

The GXS Gateway Mailbox for EasyLink is called ABJ08600.

Once that has been setup and the provider has started putting things into our OpenText Mailbox it will be accessible through the Uplink button in the Sales Ledger.