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Fact Find, Set-up Styles

Styles are used to set the font family, size, colour, justification, etc, of your prompts and data. Be warned that one “style” may apply to every section of every layout, so be careful about making changes. To view or edit your styles...

  • Click the “Styles” tab
  • To view a style, like the “Standard” one shown below, pick it from the “Select Style” dropdown
  • For example, the “Standard” style shown above might used by all the prompts and all the data fields in a layout, where it sets the font to “Verdana” and the font size to 11 pixels (n.b. and this applies equally to your screen, print-out, and website). To change the “Standard” style to the “Comic Sans MS” font in blue...

  • Set the “Selected Style” dropdown to display “Standard”, as shown above
  • Right-click the “font-family” property and select “Edit”
  • Select the “Comic Sans MS” font, as shown below, and click “OK”
  • Scroll down through the other properties till you find “Color”
  • Right-click “Color” and select “Edit”
  • Click the colour you require and then click “OK”, as shown below
  • Click the “Preview” tab to preview the changes
  • If you don’t like the changes click the “Styles” tab again
  • Click the “Revert” button on the right of the pop-up to cancel the recent style changes and revert to the original settings
  • Warning! If you do not “Revert” to the original style then your style changes will automatically be saved and applied to all layouts
  • More Points About Styles

  • More than one style may be applied to an item. For example, the text item for the “Forenames” row, has BOTH the “Field” style (font = Verdana 9 px) AND the “AlignRight” style (right-justified).
  • If you were to create another style called “Red”, just set its “color” property to that colour, then apply it to the “Forenames” row, then just that one prompt would appear in red, as shown below. 
  • The “Full Factfind (rev 5)” uses the same style for both prompts and data fields. In contrast the “New Mortgage Factfind” layout supplied by Durell uses different styles for the prompts and data fields, hence its data fields could all be set to have coloured backgrounds, as shown below.
  • The system has been designed to print on standard A4 pages (portrait, not landscape) and display on screen sizes of 800 x 600, so you cannot make rows of unlimited length, and are advised to limit font sizes to a maximum of 14 pixels.
  • Import and Export Buttons

    For example, you might use the “Import” and “Export” buttons to export the revised styles created at one branch office or by one network member to all other branches or network members (who would each import it). Alternatively you may ask Durell to create or edit styles for you, in which case they would send you a new style sheet to be imported via this button, as shown below.

    Bulk Style Replace

    When you create a new “Layout” you typically...

  • export an old one, that contains similar sections
  • create a new blank layout
  • import the old one
  • delete the old sections you don’t want and add to or edit the remainder
  • At this point you might wish to change some of the font sizes, colours, etc. However if for example, the old layout contained a style called “Standard” and you wanted to change its font size in the new layout, you could not do so without affecting both layouts. In this situation you should create a new style with the required font (e.g. called “Field”), then use the “Bulk Style Replace” to replace the style “Standard”. Note that this facility allows you to change the text fields (i.e. prompts) separately from the data fields (i.e. answers), so where a style currently applies to both you could just update one.