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Accounts, Set-up Invoice Descriptions


Starting from the “Accounts Menu”…

  • Click the “Set-up” button
  • If it’s not already in front of the others, click the “Invoice / text desc” tab
  • Click the “Find First” button on the toolbar (i.e. two to the left of the “Binoculars” button)
  • From this point you can choose to use the “Next” button (i.e. on right of the “Binoculars” button) to browse your way though the existing invoice descriptions, deleting those you don’t want with the “Bin” button, editing the names of others and re-saving them with the “Save” button, or creating new ones via the “Starburst” button. There is a set of descriptions and texts for sales invoices, and a second set of descriptions and texts for purchase invoices. Use the drop-down entitled “Show descriptions for account type” to switch from one set to the other.

    What Are Invoice Texts and Descriptions?

    Where you frequently use the same descriptions, for example, for “Commission”, “Fee work”, “Travel”, “Consultancy”, etc, it will save you time to set them up here first, as standard invoice descriptions and texts, and then select them from a drop-down menu when entering invoice transaction lines. If you don’t set them up here you’ll have to type them in full every time you create a new invoice. Invoice descriptions are for the transaction lines that make up an invoice (e.g. “Fees” in the example shown below), while invoice texts are for the overall invoice itself (e.g. “FEE WORK” in the example shown below) when you’re entering text instead of a policy number.