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Fact Find, Set-up Sections

A “section” is a collection of “rows” or lines that appear on a fact find, that roughly equate to a paragraph (i.e. a group of questions regarding the same topic that typically cover an A4 page or less). For example the “Full Factfind (rev 5)” layout, shown below, comprises the sections called “Front page”, “Personal Details”, etc. To edit your sections...


  • To view a section, like the “Personal Details” one shown above, simply left-click it
  • To view a row (i.e. all the items that create a single line, or row, of the selected section) click the “+” next to that row, as per the “Forenames” row, shown above
  • To view an item (i.e. an individual text prompt, spacer or data field that appears in a row) click the “+” next to that item, as per the “text” item in the “Forenames” row, shown above
  • To preview the current section click the “Preview” tab
  • Working with Whole Sections

    Right-click any section to display a menu of options to apply to whole sections (i.e. as opposed to editing the contents of an individual section). The options are...

  • Edit name (e.g. to change the name of the “Personal Details” section to “Personal Info”)
  • Move up or down (e.g. to re-locate the “Home Details” section after “Dependants Details”)
  • Import section above or below current line (see “Importing and Exporting Sections”, below)
  • New section above or below current line (i.e. create a new section heading without any rows)
  • New row at the top or bottom of the current section (i.e. to create a new blank row within the current section)
  • Copy and Paste above or below (i.e. to copy the whole section so that you can paste a second version of it into the layout for subsequent editing)
  • Paste First or Last child (i.e. to paste a row that has been copied as the first or last row of the current section)
  • Delete (i.e. to delete the current section)
  • Moving Sections Up or Down

    In addition to using the menu option to move sections up or down, you can click on the section to be moved then use the “Up-arrow” or “Down-arrow” buttons in the middle of the screen.

    Pasting “Children”

    A lesser object is referred to as the “child” of a higher one, so for example, a copied row can be pasted into the first or last line of a section, while a copied item can be pasted into the first or last line of a row.

    Importing and Exporting Sections

    You may copy and paste sections while working with a given fact find layout. However if you need to copy a section into a different fact find layout then you’ll need to use the options to export it from the first layout (i.e. as a file), then import it into the second one. You could also use this option to export sections in order to pass them to other branches of your firm.

    Editing an Individual Section

    Click a section in order to view the rows it contains on the right of the screen. You can then add, delete or edit its rows (see “Fact find, Set-up Rows and Items”).

    Recommended Method of Working

    To edit your fact find first right-click and copy an existing section (or export it) and then paste (or import) it into the new fact find. You should then immediately right-click the newly copied section, rename it then move it up or down as required. Finally you should add, delete or edit its individual rows (see “Fact find, Set-up Rows and Items”).