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Accounts, Set-up Bank Accounts

Starting from the “Accounts Menu”…

  • Click the “Set-up” button
  • If it’s not already in front of the others, click the “Bank accounts” tab
  • Click the “Find First” button on the toolbar (i.e. two to the left of the “Binoculars” button)
  • 1. Leave the “Account short name” set to “BNK1”

    2. Change the “Account long name” to your first bank account (e.g. “Office A/C” or “Lloyds A/C 7858656”)

    3. Leave the “Include in spreadsheet” dropdown set to “No”

    4. Leave the “Client bank account” dropdown set to “No” unless this is your General Insurance client bank account

    5. Leave the “Office expenditure” dropdown set to “No” unless this is your General Insurance office bank account

    6. Click the “Save” button on the toolbar (i.e. the red “Floppy Disk” icon)

    7. Click the “Find Next” button on the toolbar (i.e. on the right of the “Binoculars” button)

    If the record changes (e.g. from BNK1 to BNK2) and you…

  • DO have another bank account, then repeat from line 2 above.
  • DON’T have another bank account, then click the “Bin” button on the toolbar to delete the unwanted bank account and repeat this sequence until you’ve deleted all unwanted bank accounts.
  • Otherwise, if the record does NOT change and you DO have more bank accounts, then…

  • click the “Starburst” button on the toolbar to start a new record
  • set the “Account short name” to “BNKn” , where in the first case n=2 (e.g. BNK2)
  • repeat lines 2  to 6 above
  • You may set the account long names to their account numbers (e.g. Barclays A/C 653463) or names such as “Office Expenditure A/C”, “General Insurance Client A/C”, “High Interest A/C”, etc. They can be changed at any time and their only purpose is to enable the system user to quickly and correctly identify the different accounts.

    The “Spreadsheet” report is designed to show your profitability month by month (i.e. the difference between your sales and purchase nominal accounts). So although you may choose to include bank accounts, this will almost certainly just lead to confusion.

    The two dropdowns entitled “Client bank account” and “Office expenditure account” have no significance whatsoever (i.e. maybe left as either “Yes” or “No”) unless you are processing General Insurance and intend to use Durell’s automatic routine for transferring commission. In this case one of your bank accounts must be designated as the client one, while one other must be designated for the office (see “Accounts, Period End, Transferable”).