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Diary, Sent and Received Messages

The example screen below includes “All memos sent and received by FAY” (n.b. this sub-title appears just above the Memos area)…


Just Your Own Tasks

However most of the time you’ll want to see just your own tasks, i.e. those sent to you, plus those you’ve written to yourself. To do so…

  • click the “Signpost” button
  • click “Memos / Sent messages”
  • click and thereby tick the option to “Show received only”
  • the memos section, as shown below, now excludes messages you have sent to others
  • also notice how the sub-title bar in the example below now says “All memos received by FAY”
  • Just Your Outstanding Tasks

    The “Signpost” option to “Show outstanding entries only” applies to both appointments and memos, and is available via the common menu line “Filter”. In contrast the option to “Show received only” only applies to messages, so is available via a separate menu line for “Memos”. With both of these options thus set your views will be filtered to only include outstanding tasks.

    Check Sent Messages

    If you wish to verify what messages you’ve sent (i.e. to whom and when), simply reset the “Signpost / Memos / Sent messages” option to “Show sent only”.

    Viewing Other Peoples’ Tasks

    Use the “Binoculars” button to select the other “User” whose tasks you want to display.

    Message Date Ranges

    Another option available via the “Signpost / Memos” menu line limits the displayed memos to just the current day or month. This may be handy for staff given a list of tasks to complete in a day, but generally you are recommended to leave this set to “All”, as the whole point of a task list is that it is jobs to be done regardless of date.