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Diary, Searching and Sorting

Searching via the Diary

The diary is date orientated, and will always display a month, week or day. Hence the searches, such as for all appointments relating to a given client, are essentially filters that block non-matching information.

Moving to a Date

You can move to a specific day, week, month or year as follows…

  • Click the Next / Previous “Arrow” buttons (either side of the “Binoculars”) to move to the next day on the “Daily” & “List” views, or next week on the “Weekly” view.
  • Click the First / Last “Arrow” buttons (either side of the “Next / Previous” buttons) to move a month forward or back
  • Click the black “Curved Arrow” buttons (on right-hand end of toolbar) to move a year forward or back
  • Click on any individual date within the displayed calendar
  • Click on the “Arrow” buttons within the displayed calendar to move a month forward or back
  • Dates with appointments on them appear in underline and bold face on the calendar
  • Dates with tasks on them appear with a tick on the calendar
  • Searching for Specific Appointments

    Use the “Binoculars” button to restrict the displayed appointments to a specific type (e.g. all those relating to the client “Pudd P”, or those entered by the user “FAY”, or those for the adviser “JP”), as follows…

  • Click the green “Binoculars” button
  • Use the “User” dropdown to select the user (e.g. “FAY” or “All users”)
  • Use the “Include entries with” dropdown, as shown below, to select…
  • o either “All entries”

    o or the “Contact” search filter, after which you should click the “Browse” button and find the required contact

    o or one of the “Action”, “Adviser” or “Lead” search filters, after which you should…

    § either click the “Populate” button, and then select the required search value

    § or simply type in a key to search on (e.g. “HOL” if searching for “HOLIDAYS”)

  • preferably set a date (e.g. click the “=” button for today) in the “Find on or before” box to jump to the first applicable appointment on that date or before
  • press “OK” to see all applicable entries for the selected user
  • Note that…

  • after searching for a specific client, you can reset your diary to show all entries again via the black “Contact diary” icon, or the “Binoculars” one with the combination of “All entries” for “All users”
  • use the “Populate” button to populate the “…like” dropdown” with all existing entries for the selected criterion, including those typed manually and possibly misspelled  (e.g. such as “HOLLIDAY”)
  • Sequencing Memos

    Your tasks, memos or messages can be sequenced in ascending or descending order with regard to the Date, Time, From-user-name, To-user-name, Done-status, Priority and by the alphabetic order of the actual Memo text. If the required criterion is not currently displayed as a column heading…

  • Right-click anywhere in the Memo area
  • Click “View”
  • Click and thereby tick the required criterion (e.g. “Date”)
  • Then to sequence by that criterion…

  • Click the criterion’s column heading (e.g. the word “Date”)
  • To reverse the order (e.g. ascending instead or descending) click the column heading a second time
  • You can tell which is the current sequencing criterion because it will have a little “V” marker next to it (n.b. pointing up or down, accordingly – see the top illustration above, which is sorted by “Date” in ascending order).