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Claims, Search, Sort & Select

The facilities for searching, sorting and selecting claims are similar to those for policies (see “Policies, Search, Sort & Select”).

Search by Contact

On the second screen of each claim, as shown below, it’s possible to enter a whole range of related contacts, such as the loss adjuster, police, doctor, witness, other drivers, etc. The standard search facility, via the green “Binoculars” button on the scrolling list of all claims, includes for a search by “Contact”. When this is selected a third dropdown appears to allow you to select the type of contact to list (e.g. by “Driver”, “Insurer”, etc) as shown below.

New types of contact can be created via the “Setup” button on the “New Claim Contact” dialogue, as illustrated below.

Change Columns to Display

To change what gets displayed in the columns of on the scrolling views of Claims or Policies…

  • Click the “Binoculars” button
  • Click the “Setup” button, to the right of “Use column setup”
  • On the following pop-up, below, click “New” then accept the prompt to “Reset the fields”
  • Give your new set of columns-to-display a name (e.g. Rob’s Selection”)
  • Highlight an “Available column” that you want to include and click the “Right-arrow” button to “Select” it
  • Use the “Left-arrow” button, if required to un-select columns
  • Use the “Up/Down-arrow” buttons to adjust the order of the “Selected columns”
  • Click the “Save” button when done.
  • Thereafter to quickly switch between sets of selected columns to display…

  • Click the “Binoculars” button
  • In the “Use column setup” dropdown select the one you want and click “OK”
  • You can also set one of your selections as your standard display by clicking “Use as default view”