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Policies, Searching, Sorting & Selecting

To find a particular policy and display those around it in order, starting from Durell’s Main Menu…

  • Click the “Policies” button
  • Click the “Binoculars” button
  • Use the “Business type” drop-down to select what to include (e.g. All, Life, Mortgages, Motor, etc)
  • Use the “Search order” drop-down to sequence the list (e.g. by Insurer name)
  • Use “Search for” to enter a value within the sequence at which to start the scrolling list
  • Click “OK”

  • You should now have a scrolling list, which for example, might be sequenced by insurer name, starting at a given insurer, as shown below. Just as easily, this list could have been re-arranged by stage, policy reference, start date, etc.

    Multiple Selection Criteria

    To arrange your list of policies by multiple criteria, for example ISAs issued by Jupiter Unit Trust, as shown below, you use the mail shot selection (i.e. “MS” column on far right of scrolling list) marker. To find out how to set the “MS” marker for a complex selection, please refer to “Mailshot, Bulk Selection Of Policies”.

    Once you’ve set the mail shot “flags”, or “MS” markers, you can use the “Binoculars” button to set the sequence in which to display them…

  • Click the “Binoculars” button
  • Leave the “Business type” drop-down set at “All”
  • Use the “Search order” drop-down to sequence the list (e.g. by Client name)
  • Tick the “Group by mail shot marker” tick-box
  • Leave the “Search for” set to “(current record)”
  • Click “OK”
  • Your scrolling list will now be sequenced by client name, but in two sections. All the records with their “MS” marker set to “Y” will be listed first. After them, still in client name order, will be all the records that don’t match this particular set of criteria, with their mail shot “flags” all set to “N”.

    Change Columns to Display

    To change what gets displayed in the columns of on the scrolling views of Claims or Policies…

  • Click the “Binoculars” button
  • Click the “Setup” button, to the right of “Use column setup”
  • On the following pop-up, below, click “New” then accept the prompt to “Reset the fields”
  • Give your new set of columns-to-display a name (e.g. Rob’s Selection”)
  • Highlight an “Available column” that you want to include and click the “Right-arrow” button to “Select” it
  • Use the “Left-arrow” button, if required to un-select columns
  • Use the “Up/Down-arrow” buttons to adjust the order of the “Selected columns”
  • Click the “Save” button when done.
  • Thereafter to quickly switch between sets of selected columns to display…

  • Click the “Binoculars” button
  • In the “Use column setup” dropdown select the one you want and click “OK”
  • You can also set one of your selections as your standard display by clicking “Use as default view”