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Clients, Scrolling & Flat Views

Starting from Durell’s Main Menu…

All data in Durell, such as the records in an address set, may be viewed either in a scrolling list of all records in the set, each with limited detail, or as a flat screen showing all the details for just one record. You cannot enter or edit data in the scrolling view – you must use the flat view for that. However the scrolling view is useful for checking a group of records, for example, all those with the search name “JONES”, or the occupation “TEACHER”.

Mailshot Markers (The “MS” Column)

Your records’ mailshot markers (see Mail Shot, Manual Selection) are visible on the right-hand side of the scrolling view. The “Y” or “N” values indicate whether or not they will be included in the next mail shot activity. Individual markers can be changed from “Y” to “N” and back again simply by clicking the actual letters (i.e. in the “MS” or Mail Shot column).