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Reports, Saving Selections

Many of the report selector dialogues will have a “Save” button that you can use to save the selection you’ve just made (e.g. of all “Commercial” policies that are “Active” and allocated to adviser “HC”).


Subsequently you can use the “Load” button to reinstate your selection, before editing the date range, etc. Note that the “Load” and “Save” buttons only relate to the settings controlled by the “Policy selection (new)” button.

Show Report Name In Title

So that you can immediately see from the hard copy of a report whether it was based on the default selections or on a restricted set of selections, you can use the tick-box option “Show report name in title” to display the report’s name as selected via the “Load” button. Hence you might end up with a “Pipeline Commission” report where the printed title includes “HC’s Active Commercial Pols” or “Adviser Mike Smith For Mortgage Work”, etc.