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Saving Emails in the Document Viewer

Any important office email, whether sent or received, can be saved in Durell client’s Document Viewer. To do so, first select the email in question in Microsoft’s Outlook and, providing you have installed the Durell Outlook Add-in (see Setup, Outlook Add-in), click the Durell Icon at the top of Outlook's screen, which in Outlook 2010 it will be in the "Add-Ins" tab.  This will open the “Save Email in Durell” window, shown below. 

  Email, Save pop-up.png

To link the e-mail to a specific client’s record click the ‘>’ button next to “Save to client”.  This will bring up the “Find address” window, shown below, which by default will show "All address sets". If you only want to look in one set, like "Clients, Individual", use the "Address set" dropdown to select it. Use the search buttons to find the client you'd like to link the e-mail to and click “Ok”.  Alternatively, if you already have email address/es saved in your client records you can click “Find client by email address” or “Find client by alternate email address”, as shown above, and it will automatically select the correct one. 

 Email, Find Client.png

Linking to Policies and Claims 

If the selected client has any policies or claims then the “...and policy or claim” field below the “Find client by alternate email address” button will cease being greyed-out to allow you to select one, as shown below.

If you do not already have the client’s email address saved, click and thereby tick the box “Save email address in client record”.  Finally choose a Description to save the email under in document viewer.

 Email, Save policy pop-up.png

Having linked the email to the Document Viewer the email will automatically appear on it under the description chosen on the “Save Email in Durell” window. 

Document Viewer Creates Duplicates Emails for Backup

Many people will use a copy of Outlook on their local PC, where typically the data is not included in their server's nightly backup, so their emails could easily be lost. However each email linked to the the Document Viewer is a duplicate, stored in the \Imw-Data\Documents folder, and hence will be included in the server's backups.