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Set-up, SMS Text Messaging


You can send and receive SMS text messages (i.e. Short Message Service texts) from your Durell program similarly to using a mobile phone. This will probably be more expensive than using a mobile, but it’s quick and simple, and much easier to type the messages.

The first 25 messages can be sent FREE OF CHARGE during an initial seven day trial period, so you’re strongly recommended to give the system a test run. To continue using it after that time you’ll need to subscribe, as discussed towards the end of this section.

Because this is a billable service it works on a PER USER basis, protected by each user’s Durell password. For example, if there are two users on a Durell system and both wish to do texting then they’ll have to set-up their two accounts individually (i.e. subscribing with individual credit cards), in which case each user will be allocated a unique texting phone number (n.b. quite separate from your land lines or mobiles) . If only one has an account then the other will not be able to see or send any texts. You may choose to pass account details to more than one user, in which case all those with the details will be able to see the same set of messages, as if on a multi-user mobile phone. If you do decide to create such a company shared texting account, you can prevent unauthorised staff from using it by turning off their SMS Messaging user access rights (see “Set-up, Users”).

Set-up Access Rights

Starting from Durell’s Main Menu... 


Set-up SMS Texting Accounts 

Sending a Text Message

To send a text message, or check you inbox and outbox, see “Text Messages, Sending and Receiving”

Subscribing for a Full Account

Starting from the SMS Accounts Settings pop-up, described above...