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Life, Review Date

On every screen for investment, life or pension business you’ll find a “Review date” field, as shown below. Click the “=” button to the right of this field to activate the “Review Date” pop-up, as displayed. In this you can set the date for the next policy review as well as a reason for it, such as “Cover review” or “Premium increase”, etc.

To add a new “Reason for review” click the “>” button on the “Review Date” pop-up, shown above, then enter the reason and click “Add”, as shown below.

List Policies for Review

It is most probable that any policy review lists will be based on multiple criteria, such as…

To this end you should use the Signpost button’s “Mailshot” option, shown below, to make the selections (see also “Mailshots, Bulk Selection of Policies”). For example, to select all policies with a review date in September where the review reason is for “Annual review” you’d need to perform the following two mailshot selections…

After setting the mailshot markers you can use “File / Print / Policy list”, as shown below, to print a report, making sure that you set the “Print entries” dropdown to “Mailshot = Yes”.

Alternatively to see this same mailshot selection on the scrolling list of all policies simply click the green Binoculars button and click the “Group by mailshot marker” box, in which case all selected policies (i.e. with mailshot = Y) will appear at the top of the list.