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Investments, Valuation Report

To print a portfolio valuation, starting from the scrolling list of policies…

You should then get a report like that shown below…

…followed by pie charts like that below…

Saving & Loading Preferred Report Settings

If the selections you chose for your valuation differ from Durell’s standard or “default” selections, then you can save then as shown in “Reports, Saving Selections”.

Risk Profile

The risk profile will only work if you’ve first manually set-up your funds with “risk factors”, as shown in “Set-up, Fund Prices & Graphs”.

Yield %

The “Yield %” figure is taken from the “Setup / Fund prices and graphs” screen, as shown below.

Data feeds such as Fin Express include yield figures for a few funds, but in the majority of cases you’ll probably need to enter these manually, as shown below, and described in “Set-up, Fund Prices & Graphs”.