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Complaints, Report

You can select the report to print a list of all your existing complaints as follows, starting from the Main Menu…

  • Either click the “Reports” button…
  • o Select “Complaints” on the “Client” tab

    o Click “Proceed”

  • Or Click the “Complaints” button….
  • o Click “File” on the menu line and select “Print”

    o Click “Complaints”

  • Then on the “Print Complaints” dialogue, shown below…
  • o Use the “Print entries” to include all, or just the outstanding or overdue complaints

    o Use the “Order by” dropdown” to sequence the list by date, category, client, adviser, complaint handler, policy type, compensation or stage

    o Limit the list by entering start and end dates (n.b. two blank dates will list all complaints, while a blank start with a set end will list all up to that date, etc)

    o If required, tick the option to “Show complaint details”

  • Click “OK”