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Diary, Reminders and Pop-ups

Flashing Diary Button on Main Menu

If you have outstanding appointments when you start Durell then the Diary button on the Main Menu will flash red, as shown above. To set-up your preference with regard to this flashing…

  • click “Check current day only” to check for outstanding appointments on just the current day  
  • or click “Check current and previous days” to check for all outstanding appointments
  • or clear both ticks to turn-off the feature (i.e. prevent the Diary button from ever flashing)
  • New Message Pop-ups and Diary Reminders

    Refer to “Set-up Diary & Messages” with regard to…

    Snoozing Warnings

    Click the “Snooze” button to make a warning message go away and then reappear again after the specified period (e.g. reappear after 5 minutes, as shown above). Alternatively click the “Close” button to make the warning message go away permanently, but note that the appointment or message will only be set as “Done” if you also click the “Set as done..” tick box.