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Clients, Record Identification

Every record in Durell is automatically given a unique internal identification number (N.B. in many instances, such as the diaries and memos, the unique record identifier is not visible to the user).

Hence you can enter as many records as you like for different people all called SMITH J, and the system will always know which related records belong to which SMITH.

Record numbers are displayed above the search name. The left-most field is a site reference, similar to a telephone area code, while the field to its right shows the actual record number. Hence you could have a record number 200 for “SMITH J” at site “HULL” which can thus be distinguished from one for a similarly named and numbered record at site “TONE”. This particular feature is relevant to businesses with offices at multiple locations. The site reference may be any combination of letters and numbers, and is set-up during the system’s licensing process.

You can view (n.b. but not edit) all of a record’s creation details via the “Signpost” button on the Client Details screen, where you should select the option “Creation details”, as shown below.

Converted Records

Durell users who have upgraded from earlier programs, such as “Insurance Master”, may get a second pair of identifiers, as shown below, where the third field will contain the word “WAS” to indicate this was the old reference number, and the fourth will show the reference number used by the previous system.