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Backup, Recommended Procedure

It is imperative that you arrange some system, such as a Flash Memory stick or CD/DVD burner, for making daily copies of your Durell data, which is all contained within a single folder on your shared network drive (e.g. typically folder “Imw-Data” and all the sub-folders therein). Make sure you keep these copies in a different location from your live Durell system, otherwise if you lose your data due to fire or theft you’re likely to find that the backup copies will have been burnt or stolen as well.

You are advised to retain copies for the last five working days (i.e. Monday through to Friday) PLUS the copies made on the first day of each month going back for the last five months (i.e. a minimum of ten backups). You should then be able to refer to yesterday’s backup, or in the event that it is faulty you should find at least one good one within the last week. Further to this, if you require a file that may have been deleted during the last month or two, then you should be able to locate it on one of the historic monthly backups.

WARNING! Some backup systems skip “open” files. You must therefore ensure all of your Durell users fully exit the program at the end of each day (and thereby leave your database files properly “closed”). To verify this, the last person can use the “Maintain Database” option on Durell’s Set-up screen to check for active users (see “Set-up, Maintain Database”). Another certain method is to get all users to switch off before leaving, and then re-boot the server before starting the backup.