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Accounts, Rebuild Nominal Ledger Totals


Rebuilding the nominal totals ensures that the displayed totals in your Trial Balance, etc, match the sum of your individual transactions.

If you have a computer network you are advised to run this on your server with no other Durell users logged on, as working directly on the server will take about one quarter of the time. Starting from the Durell Main Menu…

  • Click “Accounts”
  • Click “Setup”
  • Click the “Signpost” button
  • Click “Rebuild / Trail and totals from ledgers”
  • Click “Rebuild”
  • After it’s all completed click “Close”
  • For security reasons, your accounts data is divided into two databases. One comprises all the ledgers, while the other comprises all the double entries that occurred. So if your nominal totals get damaged you can rebuild them from the sales and purchase ledgers, plus the journals, cashbook and bankbooks. You should also use this option if you change your financial year start, in which case the nominal ledger will be re-built in line with the new date.