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Mortgage, Prospects & Clients

You can keep all your prospects and client records in the “Individual Clients” address set, accessed from the Main Menu via the “People” button (see Clients, Entering & Saving). Each prospect or client record can have up to three addresses & phone numbers, accessed via the “Main”, “2nd” and “Move” buttons…

You can personalise this screen (e.g. to include such fields as “Repayment type”, as shown below) via Set-up Field Names. For example…

You can then search on these values (e.g. for all those with a Term of 20 years) via the green “Binoculars” button (see Clients, Finding Records) and generate mail shots accordingly (see Mail Shot, Bulk Selection of Clients and Mail Shot, New).

You can choose to view your records via this “flat” screen, one at a time, or on a scrolling list accessed via the white “Spectacles” button (see Clients, Scrolling & Flat Views).

You might prefer to use a separate address set for your prospective clients and then, when a prospect gives you the “go-ahead” you could move that record into the client set (see Clients, Copying & Moving).

You could even choose to set-up a number of client or prospect address sets, for example, “Harry’s Prospects”, “London Clients”, “Cold Call Prospects”, etc, (see Clients, Using Address Sets).

If you find that the number of free-format fields (e.g. such as “Repayment type” and “Lending type”) is insufficient for your mail shot selections, you could choose to set-up and use a further 30 fields that can be made available on a second client screen (see Set-up, Field Names).

Letters written to each client or scanned images of documents received on behalf of each client can be viewed via the green “W” button (see Documents, Document Viewer and Documents, Writing a Letter).