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Investments, Property

You can include property in investment portfolios by entering it in Durell similarly to a policy. First you need to set-up a dummy insurer, such as “FREEHOLD” or “LEASEHOLD”. Then create the product types you’re likely to need for “Buy to Let”, “Own Home”, etc, as shown below.

Now create the policy-type record for the property, which will be listed under “Savings & Investments”, as shown below…

Unlike Mortgage Cases, there is no “Awaiting” field for compliance processing on the property screen, because it is assumed that the financial intermediary will not be involved in the sale process. Property is entered simply so that it can be included in portfolio valuations, to which end the original “Purchase price” and current “Estimated value” are the crucial fields. Note that the “Property name” is used like a “Policy reference” for this type of record.