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Mortgage, Progressing & Required Documents


Mortgage progressing is handled via the “Awaiting” field, which appears at the top right of the first of the Mortgage screens. Click the “=” button to activate the “Compliance Dates for…” dialogue, shown below.



On the “Compliance Dates for…” dialogue…


Money Laundering

On the “Money Laundering…” dialogue…












Supporting Documents

On the “Supporting Documents…” dialogue…

















On returning to the flat view of the policy, as shown above, you’ll notice that the awaiting field now holds the next outstanding action (e.g. Supporting documents”). This will also appear in the scrolling view of the policies, shown below, provided you change the search to be by “Awaiting”, as described below.



Note that in the above illustration, all policies & mortgage cases at stage “Pending” are shown in grey, while all policies & mortgage cases at stage “Active” are shown in green (see “Set-up, Policy Stages”). To change the search to be by “Awaiting”, starting from the scrolling view of all policies…

You’ll then be able to chase-up or update all the policies at that stage.



New Business Compliant Tick-box

After you enter a date against “Completion” the “Awaiting” field will state “Nothing (failed initial compliance)”. The point of this is that your compliance officer can then check all such cases and where he finds that they are indeed fully compliant he can then click the “New business compliant” tick-box at the bottom left of the “Compliance Dates…” dialogue, shown below. After this, the “Awaiting” field will say “Nothing”.



Compliance Security

Obviously you’ll want your compliance officer to be the only person who can tick the “New business compliant” tick-box. To control this, set the “Life&Inv new business compliant” access right in your user-name set-ups (shown below, and also see “Set-up, Users”). You can additionally use these access rights to control whether or not users can edit the “Compliance Completed” date.



Mortgager Progess / Compliance Report

To get a report of your new business, by insurer, adviser, etc, starting from the Main Menu…



On the “Compliance Daybook” dialogue…