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Set-up, Products

On the Products List screen you will be presented with a scrolling list of insurance products or schemes…

Setup products.png

Entering A New Product

 Setup products - pension.png Setup products - household.png

Don’t Allow Policies to be Created

Only tick the box called “Don’t allow policies to be created for this product” if the product is discontinued (e.g. Mini ISAs) and you no longer wish to be offered it when creating new policies.

Amending A Product

Deleting A Product

If there are any policies on your system that are based on this product you’ll be presented with the following pop-up…

If you clicked “Yes” you’ll then be presented with a “Change Insurer / Plan” pop-up from which you should select the new product for the affected policies. You are most strongly advised NOT to cancel from this pop-up or the affected policies will become orphaned and almost impossible to access.

General Insurance Products with Standard Premiums

Certain general insurance products always have the same premium, such as for Home Emergencies, or certain types of Pets. In these cases after you’ve saved the product…

Set-up Insurers On-The-Fly

When setting-up a new product, if you cannot find the insurer you require in the “Company” drop-down, click the “Setup” button next to “Company”. This will take you to a “Find Address” pop-up, as show below, where you should…

Product Codes

You’ll notice that every product is given a 14 character code, where the…

It is not necessary to understand or remember product codes, but they do allow experienced users to find products more quickly than by drop-down menus.

Edit Commission Rates

These are not relevant if you have the “Lite” or “Office Manager” versions of Durell. However with all other versions you should enter the commission details…

Most insurers will offer the same uplift on all their products. So if you have been receiving 130%, and this has just increased to 140%, you may update all affected products viaSet-up Insurers, where you should click the Signpost button and select the option to pass this new uplift rate to all of that insurer’s products. Of course there are always exceptions, so to prevent individual products from being updated in this way, click the tick-box next to the prompt “Don’t update rate from insurer”.

"Template" and "Contract Enquiry" buttons

You do not need to use either of these buttons, as both of their functions can be done "on the fly" while using other aspects of Durell. However you can use the "Contract Enquiry" one to select the investment provider's matching product type from a drop-down, as show below...

Setup products - CE.png

...and note that you can also do this via the the dropdowns at the bottom right of the scrolling screen of all products, as shown at the start of the section. However the more usual process is to match each such product while doing an actual contract enquiry. Likewise you can use the "Template" button to select which Word Template to use for the product when printing a Policy Register (i.e. a folder of all of a client's policies in detail). Simply click the ">" button next to the fields and then select one of your Word Templates, all as shown below. On the other hand you could do exactly the same thing "on the fly" while producing a register.

Setup products - template.png

Setup products - template select.png

 “Signpost” Option To Set-up Life Commission Calculator

Life commission rates can only be edited via the “Signpost” button or by pressing the F2 key. Standard Lautro rates are already included in the system, and should not be changed. You may add rates for insurers whose commission structure is not Lautro based, but you are advised to talk to Durell’s support team first.

Network Members Only

In the “Set-up” for the “Accounts” you can edit your “Posting Defaults” so that all your sales commission is automatically invoiced to the network after taking account of the network’s standard commission deduction. See “Accounts, Set-up Posting Defaults”.