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Reports, Printing and Exporting Lists to Word or Spreadsheets

In most cases your report will be displayed initially in a preview screen, like that shown above. To print it…

  • Click the “Printer” icon at the top left of the screen, then click the “OK” button on the following “Print” dialogue
  • Use the “Percentage size” dropdown (illustrated above at 100%) to make the text appear bigger or smaller on the screen (n.b. but not the printed version).
  • Use the black “Arrow” icons to move to the first, last, next or previous pages.
  • Use the black “Binoculars” button to find any given piece of text, such as a client’s name (e.g. BLOGGS F, as illustrated below).
  • Exporting to Word or Excel, etc

    Every report that can be sent to a printer, in any version of Durell, can also be exported to Word or an Excel spreadsheet. To do so, starting from a screen preview, like that shown above…

  • Click the “Arrow Into Envelope” icon (i.e. the “Export” button) at the top left
  • Select the format to use (e.g. “Excel 5.0 (XLS)”, “Rich Text (Exact) Format” or “Word for Windows document”)
  • Use the “Destination” dropdown to select “Disk file”
  • Click the “OK” button
  • Click “OK” again on the following “Export Options” dialogue
  • On the “Choose export file” dialogue enter the name and location of the file to be produced
  • Click the “Save” button