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Printing Labels

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Create a Word Template

The first step is to create a document template in Word that matches your label paper (e.g. A4 paper with 3 columns of labels). A number of pre-made label templates are available as free downloads from Durell’s FTP Server. To get one of them, starting from your Windows Desktop….

Back on your Windows Desktop…

 Printing labels 1.jpg 

 On the “Log in as” pop-up, shown below…

 Printing labels 2.jpg 

  Printing labels 3.jpg 

 Alternatively you could create your own label template, or edit the downloaded template, as described in…

Print an Address Label for Every Client

To print an address label for every client simple start your Document Viewer, then…

 Printing labels 4.jpg 

Print an Address Label for Selected Clients

This is identical to the procedure above, except you set the “Select records” dropdown to “Current set, mailshot = Y”. The records that get printed will be those set by your most recent mailshot selection, as described in…

 Printing labels 5.jpg 

Printing a Large Number of Labels for the Same Address

In order to print a large number of address labels to the same person you simply edit one of your existing label templates and remove all the [[Next Record]] instructions, shown below. Make sure you re-save it with a different template name (e.g. “Label 2x7 8163 for single address”).

 Printing labels 6.jpg 

Then reselect it from your Document Viewer with “Select records” set to “Current Record”.

 Printing labels 7.jpg