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Policies, Scrolling View, Printed Lists

You are advised to access policy reports via the “Reports” button on Durell’s Main Menu, as shown below, as fewer reports are available from the scrolling list of policies, and those that are available do not have any extra features.

Policy List Report

The only report that is different is the “Policy List Report”. This version prints your scrolling list of policies, variations, quotes or claims in their current order. First filter your scrolling list, e.g. to only include quotes or variations (see “Policies, Filtered Views”) then sequence it as required, e.g. by on risk date or stage (see “Policies, Search, Sort & Select”). Then to print a range of records from within the current selection…

  • Click “File”
  • Click “Print”
  • Select “Policy list”
  • Note that the “Order by” dropdown will match your current scrolling list sequence
  • Enter a value in the “Print from” box (e.g. 01/04/2001 if ordered by date) or leave blank for all
  • Enter a value in the “Print to” box (e.g. 01/05/2001 if ordered by date) or leave blank for all
  • Ensure the “Print preview” tick-box is ticked
  • Click “OK”