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General, Renewals, Prepare

Starting from the Renewals Checklist of renewal versions, click…

The “renewal version” will default to the same insurer and product as the base policy, which you can adjust if required, then click “OK”.

You’ll then be able to edit the “renewal version”, which will have the same details as the base policy except…

a) the dates will automatically be moved on one year and…

b) the premium details will be empty (N.B. the old premium is shown for reference only at the bottom right of the Premium Details screen).

For example you may want to adjust the number of years no claims. However you should not change the Stage of the renewal version, which should be left as “Preferred renewal”.

After entering the premium details, and any pay-aways, you exit the renewal version (without posting to accounts) and automatically return to the Renewals Checklist and repeat the process for the next policy.

As you prepare each renewal version its base policy’s stage will automatically be changed by the system to “Active, renewal prepared”. A handy tip is to set a colour to the stage “Active, renewal prepared” so that you can easily see which policies have already been processed (see Set-up, Policy Stages).

To review the renewal versions you have already created, see “Policies, Filtered Views”.