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Life Policies, Premium & Increments

Enter the Life or Investment policy’s premium in the “Init. Premium” field, as shown below (e.g. 50.00), then use the “…per” drop-down to select the period (i.e. “Month”, “Quarter”, “Term”, “Half year”, “Year” or “Single”).

If the policy has no pre-planned premium increments, either ignore the “…indexed” drop-down or select “None”. If it does have increments, like a low start endowment, then use the “…indexed” drop-down to select the type (e.g. “Fixed”). Then either type the percentage or select it from the drop-down (e.g. 20.00%) followed by the term for the increments (e.g. 5 yrs).

To view the increments, click the “>” button next to the “Varied” field. By default this will just show the initial premium and all variations (see separate section on “Variations”). However if you click the “Show index entries” the system will show you all of your increments, along with the final overall total premium.

WARNING! Do not use the “…indexed” field for variations. See separate section on “Variations”.