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Policies, Posting to Accounts

In all of the policy screens, if you keep clicking the black “Curve-Right Arrow” button you’ll eventually come to a “Sales Commission” screen, like that illustrated below, where you can create up to seven commission pay-aways to sales people (see “Policies, Commission Pay-aways”).

If you then click the black “Curve-Right Arrow” button once more you’ll be presented with a “Policy Post To Accounts” dialogue, like that shown below. Click the “OK” button to post all of the required entries.

Alternatively you may choose to view what your accounts entries will look like by clicking the “Preview…” option followed by the “OK” button. You’ll be presented with a summary screen like that illustrated below.

Double-click any of the listed invoices to view it in detail, as shown below. When done, click the “Open Door” or “Exit” button to return to the “Policy Post To Accounts” dialogue and click “OK” to post.