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Policies, Posted & Paid

On the right-hand side of the scrolling list of policies you’ll find a column entitled “PD”, as shown below. This contains the following icons…

  • A blank to indicate that the premium has not yet been posted to the accounts system
  • An envelope to indicate the premium has been posted to the accounts
  • A pound sign to indicate that the premium has been posted to the accounts AND has been received
  • Effect On Reports & Commission Renewals

    Certain Life and General Insurance reports are dependent on the “posted and paid” status of your policies. For example, the Life “Pipeline” report excludes all policies where the commission has been received. The General Insurance “Control” report is similarly affected and also the Life utility to “Post Monthly Renewal Commission” will refer to each policy’s “Last posted” date to check what might be outstanding. Hence it is important to ensure each policy’s status is correct.

    Editing “Paid” Status and “Last Posted” Dates

    The “paid” status and “last posted” dates in Durell systems that have been started from scratch will have been maintained automatically, and therefore not require editing in most cases. In contrast, where the policy data has been transferred from a competitor system it may be necessary to manually edit these fields. To do so, starting from the Main Menu…

  • Click the “Policies” button
  • Click on and thereby highlight the policy to be edited (e.g. by scrolling to it, or using the “Binoculars” button to find it)
  • Click the “Signpost” button
  • Click “Edit posted & paid details”
  • Edit the “Last posted” date, shown below, as required
  • Click and thereby tick the “Paid” field, if the commission has been received
  • Click “OK”