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Reports, Policy Selector

On most of the selection dialogues for policy-based reports you’ll see a “Policy selection (new)…” button, like that shown below. Note that the word “new” appears until you use this button to override the default selection in some way, after which it reads “Policy selection (edit)…”

Use the resulting “Policy Selection” dialogue to include or exclude…

  • Types of business (e.g. only include “Savings & Investments”). Use the “Select All” button to automatically tick all of the displayed boxes.
  • Product types (e.g. only include “Bonds, single premium”).
  • Stages (e.g. only include “Active” policies). Use the “Select” button and the dropdown next to it to select stages that have been specified as “Dead”, “Lapsed” or otherwise (i.e. “Active”) as per “Set-up, Policy Stages”.
  • Advisers’ policies with a particular adviser’s initials (e.g. “HC”) at the top left of each policy’s first screen
  • …or (because you can select policies by their allocated adviser or lead, but not both at the same time)…

  • Leads’ policies with a particular lead’s initials at the top left of each policy’s first screen.
  • Policies for all insurers or just one insurer
  • …and then, if one insurer is selected…

  • Policies with all plan names or just one (e.g. “Flexible Growth Bond”). This will remain set to “All plans” until you first limit the selection to a single insurer.
  • Mailshot selected policies (e.g. all those with their “MS” marker set to “Y”), provided the other selectors are set to “All” (see “Mail Shot, Bulk Selection of Policies”).