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Diary, Policy Links

When creating a new Diary appointment, if it relates to a policy you can link it, as follows…

Why Link Diary Entries to Policies ?

If you start a new Word document from a diary appointment that has been linked to a policy then, provided you’ve set-up the appropriate fields to be passed to Word, you’ll be able to use a template that automatically includes all data related to the…

This is a very powerful and useful feature that is further described in “Diaries, Word Processor Links”.

Create an Appointment From a Policy Record

You can jump to the Diary directly from the scrolling list of policies. In so doing, you will automatically link the diary appointment or reminder to a policy. To do this starting from the Main Menu…

o “Create a diary entry linked to this policy” to start a new reminder pre-set with the current policy’s ref

o “Jump to the most recent diary entry linked to this policy”, to go to the Weekly view, filtered to show only those appointments that relate to this policy ref

o “Jump to the diary as normal”, to go to the Weekly view showing the current week