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Reports, Life, Policy KPI

This report shows key performance indicators (KPI) over three periods (where one is fixed at the last two years, while the other two can by adjusted from their default setting of the last year and quarter).

  • Edit the dates in the “From” and “To” fields for “Proposal ranges 1 and 2”, which by default will otherwise be set to the last year and quarter
  • Use the “Show policies by” dropdown to produce KPI regarding Advisers or Insurers
  • Tick the various option boxes (e.g. “Show breakdown by adviser”) as required
  • Use the “Policy / adviser selection (new)” button to further refine your selection
  • Click “OK”
  • You may wish to compare your own performance against the current FSA benchmarks. If so, first click the “Setup benchmarks” button, then enter the values like those shown below, and click “OK” to save them.

    Note that the reported “Competence training hours” figures are taken from the training “Signpost” option on the “Adviser” set-up screen.