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General, Photographic Equipment

There is a special screen for the three product types of photographic equipment insurance…

As you can see from the dialogue below, these products are “Other” types of insurance, i.e. not Motor, Household, etc, (see “Set-up, Products”)

The top half of the policy screen (shown below) is identical to all other general insurance screens in Durell (see “Policies, Complete A New Policy”).

It is followed by an expandable list of the equipment to be insured in the centre (shown above). Use the “Add”, “Delete” and “Edit” buttons to enter items of equipment (shown below), and optionally use the “Expand list” button to see them in a larger window…

Then in the bottom left of the screen, set the “Territorial limit”, and whether the client may benefit from a club rate (followed by the club name, if applicable). There are special “Club” rates, “Non-club” discount rates, and “Gross” ones, which can be set-up and modified via an Access table, discussed in detail at the end of this section.

The “NCD from date” will be either the inception date, or the date of the most recent claim that affected the NCD.

In each case of the four dropdowns for “All risks”, “Material damage”, “Business interruption” and “Liability cover” first select “Yes” or “No” to indicate whether it is included, then if “Yes” in each case click the “>” button to the right to view a pop-up that shows the items covered. The example below is for “All risks”, where the “Photographic & assoc equipment” appears by default with the total value of the previously listed equipment, along with the rate as set in the Access table. You can then choose to add, for example, “Film stocks” or other items. As you complete this screen you’ll see the “Total” premium field at the bottom right automatically adding up.

In case you wish to override the automatic “Total” premium (based on the standard rates) you can put in an ad hoc “Premium adjustment”, which may be positive or negative, along with an “Adjustment note” to remind you why you agreed to make this revision. You can also enter a “No claims discount %” and then use the “=” button next to “Amount” to reduce the premium accordingly.

Editing The Rate Table

If you wish to edit the rate table for photographic equipment you should contact Durell’s Help Desk, as you could otherwise damage your entire system. They will then use the password “WIN [space] [space] KEY” to open your IMW-DATA.MDB Access database, and edit the table called “PolicyPhotoRates”…