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Complaints, Overview

The Complaints program allows you to log all the complaints made against your business (see “Complaints, Create New”), and progress them through various stages (such as “Response given”, “Response accepted”, etc) with notes detailing this process (see “Complaints, Edit (Progress to Completion)”). The program includes facilities for creating and editing the stages (see “Complaints, Set-up Stages”), as well as access rights to control which members of staff may view, or work on the complaints (see “Complaints, Access Rights”).


During the life of a complaint (i.e. from creation to completion) if anyone tries to access the complainant’s record they’ll get the following warning…

You can sort your complaints by date, etc, and filter out just the active ones (see “Complaints, Sort”). You can also get a printed list via the “Reports” button on the Main Menu (see “Complaints, Report”).